Waukesha County Taxpayers Associations (WCTP) Endorses Several Candidates in Upcoming August 12th Primaries

Waukesha County Taxpayers Associations (WCTP) Endorses Several Candidates in Upcoming August 12th Primaries

The August 12th primary elections are extremely important for the future of Wisconsin and our country. Staunch conservative choices abound in many primaries across the state, creating new opportunities to install real conservative politicians truly committed to tax and spending reductions into these elected offices.

All taxpayer-endorsed candidates have a strong record of advocating for tax reductions, spending cuts, elimination of burdensome regulations and unconstitutional government activities or have pledged to pursue such course if elected.

The following candidates are endorsed in the August 12th Republican primaries:

  • Glenn Grothman – 6th Congressional District
  • Randy Melchert – State Treasurer
  • Julian Bradley – Secretary of State
  • Shirl LaBarre – 87th Assembly District
  • Bill Savage – 59th Assembly District
  • Tiffany Koehler – 58th Assembly District
  • Janel Brandtjen – 22nd Assembly District
  • Eric Severson – Waukesha County Sheriff

The following candidate is endorsed in the August 12th Democrat primary:

  • David Clarke Jr. – Milwaukee County Sheriff

Please vote for these conservative choices on August 12th!

Steve Welcenbach – President, Waukesha County Taxpayers Association

Fall endorsements: Brandtjen for Assembly, Melchert for Treasurer

And just a preview on the fall races: the Waukesha County Taxpayer Association is proud to endorse Janel Brandtjen for the 22nd State Assembly District, and Randall Melchert for State Treasurer.


ERIN, WI: County Supervisor and State Assembly Candidate Janel Brandtjen (R-Menomonee Falls) announces today that she received the endorsement of outgoing State Rep. Don Pridemore (R-Erin).

“Janel has been a trusted help in my past campaigns, and is an elected official with an track record as an experienced conservative leader. She’s a good, solid, business owner and a conservative, principled woman. I know that she will continue the fight in Madison to advance our conservative agenda.” said Don Pridemore.

“Don has been a steadfast leader for conservatives to look up to over his ten years in the Assembly. He went to Madison, and he did what he said he was going to do. While he was a good Republican, he never hesitated to vote against his party if he believed that it was right. I am honored to accept his endorsement and will continue the fight on behalf of conservatives in Madison.” said Janel Brandtjen.

Supervisor Brandtjen congratulates Pridemore on retirement

Waukesha County Supervisor Janel Brandtjen (District 5 – Menomonee Falls) congratulates Representative Don Pridemore on his retirement announcement.”Don Pridemore has been the conservative’s conservative since he was elected in 2004 to the State Assembly. I have looked up to Don as a mentor over the years and have appreciated his insights and wisdom.

“No legislator has been as accessible as Don has; I would always know that he would take my phone call if it was concerns over legislation affecting the county or helping a constituent with government services.

“Too many legislators believe in being ‘career politicians’ – when Don ran for office he pledged to fight for the conservative message, accomplish his mission, and not make a career out of being in office. Today, Don has finished his race, and everyone in his district is the better for him having served us in Madison.”Whether it has been relentless advocacy for the Taxpayers’ Bill of Rights, advocating for school choice as Chair of the Assembly Urban Education committee, defending the Second Amendment, respect for the sanctity of human life, or standing with Governor Walker on Act 10, conservatives knew that Don Pridemore did not just have their back, he was leading the charge. You have earned a well-deserved retirement.”

Congratulations to the successful County Board Candidates!

  • District 1 (Oconomowoc) – Robert Kolb
  • District 5 (Menomonee Falls) – Janel Brandtjen
  • District 6 (Menomonee Falls) – Jeremy Walz
  • District 7 (Meno/Butler/Brook) – Jennifer Grant
  • District 8 (Brookfield) – Eric Highum
  • District 14 (Eagle) – Carl Pettis
  • District 19 (Waukesha) – Kathleen Cummings
  • District 22 (New Berlin) – Pauline Jaske
  • District 24 (Muksego) –  Steven Whittow 

WCTA leads fight to oppose Milwaukee arena tax

Waukesha County Taxpayers Association endorsed Supervisor Jennifer Grant introduced the resolution to oppose a regional tax for a Milwaukee arena.

WAUKESHA – Top Waukesha County officials next week will consider crafting a resolution opposing a regional tax on the county for a new sports and entertainment arena, County Board Chairman Paul Decker confirmed Wednesday.

Elected county officials have for months voiced their disdain over any new regional tax to finance the potential replacement orretrofitting of the BMO Harris Bradley Center in Milwaukee.

From the Waukesha Freeman

Countywide Waukesha Taxpayer Group Forming

For Immediate Release:

For more information call Bill Savage (414) 218-0959                                        

The members of the Menomonee Falls Taxpayers Association (MFTA) have decided to form a new organization, the Waukesha County Taxpayer Association (WCTA) that will address the issues that affect taxpayers at the county level.

According to MFTP President Steve Welcenbach, the success of the Menomonee Falls based group has triggered the effort on a county wide basis.  “We are looking forward to working at the county level to help reduce the size of government and protect the taxpayers,” Welcenbach said.

Bill Savage, who is expected to become the Executive Director, issued this statement.

“The Taxpayer groups that I have been involved in have always served as an information source for voters in the spring elections.  Since these elections are not subject to party primaries candidates are basically on an honor system regarding their conservative philosophies.  That hasn’t always worked out so well for the taxpayers.  We will be monitoring the voting records of our elected county and local officials.  We will be informing the public on where they stand on the issues.  Groups like this keep officials honest. It makes for good government.”

More information on both groups can be found at MFTax.org or WaukeshaTaxpayers.wordpress.com