WCTA leads fight to oppose Milwaukee arena tax

Waukesha County Taxpayers Association endorsed Supervisor Jennifer Grant introduced the resolution to oppose a regional tax for a Milwaukee arena.

WAUKESHA – Top Waukesha County officials next week will consider crafting a resolution opposing a regional tax on the county for a new sports and entertainment arena, County Board Chairman Paul Decker confirmed Wednesday.

Elected county officials have for months voiced their disdain over any new regional tax to finance the potential replacement orretrofitting of the BMO Harris Bradley Center in Milwaukee.

From the Waukesha Freeman


3 thoughts on “WCTA leads fight to oppose Milwaukee arena tax

  1. Individual choice is a primary Right in the USA. I disagree on several political views with my wife, especially my support for Gov. Walker and Act 10. I would never infringe on her right to express her opinion, so to tie my name and photo to her choice is against everything we stand for!

    1. That is correct, I am a friend and strong ally of Gov. Walker, and worked very hard for his election and re-election. I despise the recall process unless complete malfeasance is proven. As in many marriages my wife Paula and I do not agree on everything. I married a strong, independent woman and we love each other despite some philosophical differences, for which I will defend her First Amendment rights. Thank you for asking!

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