Elmbrook School District: Area III – Primary Feb 21: Recall signer running

While we do not have enough information to make an endorsement in the Area III primary on February 21, we do have a dis-endorsement:

Leanne Wied, candidate for School Board, signed to Recall Gov. Scott Walker.

While she claims she is a fiscal conservative, why did she sign the recall?

Recall Signature
Recall Signature
Claims to be a fiscal conservative
Yet claims to be a fiscal conservative
School District Profile
School District Profile

Waukesha County Taxpayers endorses Chuck Wichgers

Waukesha County Taxpayers Association is endorsing Chuck Wichgers for the 83rd Assembly district which includes Muskego, Waterford, Town of Waukesha, Vernon, Big Bend, East Troy, Hales Corners, and Milwaukee.

Chuck Wichgers is a true fiscal conservative and the only candidate willing to sign the “Grover Norquist Taxpayer Protection Pledge.” Chuck has public and private experience as a Waukesha County Supervisor and Muskego City Alderman and currently as small business owner. During his public service, worked tirelessly to fight against crony capitalism which he fought and won for local taxpayers. If elected, Chuck has proved himself a taxpayer champion, and will not go along to get along.

Chuck is a fierce 30 year pro-life advocate and believes in the right to bear arms with the highest available NRA rating of A(Q).

Taxpayers should vote “Chuck” next Tuesday.

Waukesha County Taxpayers Endorsements:

August 9th – 2016 – Partisan Primary

  • US Senate: Ron Johnson
  • US Congress District 1: Paul Ryan
  • US Congress District 5: F. James Sensenbrenner, Jr.
  • State Senate District 8 (Menomonee Falls) : Alberta Darling
  • State Senate District 28 (Big Bend) : Dave Craig
  • State Representative District 22 (Menomonee Falls): Janel Brandtjen
  • State Representative District 83 (Big Bend): Chuck Wichgers
  • Waukesha County Clerk: Gina C. Gresch
  • Waukesha County Treasurer: Pamela F. Reeves

WCTA Supported Candidates for April 5

  • County Supervisor District 8 (Brookfield): Eric Highum
  • County Supervisor District 9 (Brookfield): Michael Starich
  • County Supervisor District 14 (Eagle): Heather Townsend
  • County Supervisor District 17 (Waukesha): Jaron Mosier
  • County Supervisor District 18 (Waukesha): Daniel Manion
  • County Supervisor District 19 (Waukesha): Kathleen M. Cummings
  • County Supervisor District 25: Darlene Johnson
  • Menomonee Falls Referendums: NO
  • Menomonee Falls Village Board Special: Ken Oliver
  • Menomonee Falls Village Board Seat 5: Ronald Frakes
  • Menomonee Falls Village Board Seat 6: Paul Tadda
  • New Berlin School Board: Tom David, Nate Nickerson, Jody Kugler

Waukesha County Taxpayers Endorse Heather Townsend for County Board

The Waukesha County Taxpayers Association (WCTA) has endorsed Heather Townsend for County Supervisor. The longtime Waukesha county resident has announced her intentions to run for the County’s 14th supervisory district.

“We believe that Heather shares the conservative values of the district and will be an excellent guardian of the people’s resources and interests.” said Bill Savage, the group’s policy director.

“Heather has the business sense and understanding of the private sector to help provide an “open for business” atmosphere at the County level. Savage added.

The Waukesha County Taxpayers Association was formed to recruit and support conservative candidates for local office including the County board. “The spring elections are generally not that visible. We need to start taking a closer look at who we are electing to these offices.” Savage said.

“Heather Townsend is a perfect fit for the job. She understands the limited role that government should have in our lives and will work to preserve the rich family heritage that is Waukesha County.”

Heather Townsend has lived in Eagle for 13 years. She is the 2015 recipient of the Don Taylor award, named for the long time Chairman of the Republican Party of Waukesha County, and has always been active in the community.

For more information please visit us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/WaukeshaTaxpayers/

Visit our website at https://waukeshataxpayers.org/ or e-mail Bill Savage at bill.savage@charter.net

WCTA leads fight to oppose Milwaukee arena tax

Waukesha County Taxpayers Association endorsed Supervisor Jennifer Grant introduced the resolution to oppose a regional tax for a Milwaukee arena.

WAUKESHA – Top Waukesha County officials next week will consider crafting a resolution opposing a regional tax on the county for a new sports and entertainment arena, County Board Chairman Paul Decker confirmed Wednesday.

Elected county officials have for months voiced their disdain over any new regional tax to finance the potential replacement orretrofitting of the BMO Harris Bradley Center in Milwaukee.

From the Waukesha Freeman

Countywide Waukesha Taxpayer Group Forming

For Immediate Release:

For more information call Bill Savage (414) 218-0959                                        

The members of the Menomonee Falls Taxpayers Association (MFTA) have decided to form a new organization, the Waukesha County Taxpayer Association (WCTA) that will address the issues that affect taxpayers at the county level.

According to MFTP President Steve Welcenbach, the success of the Menomonee Falls based group has triggered the effort on a county wide basis.  “We are looking forward to working at the county level to help reduce the size of government and protect the taxpayers,” Welcenbach said.

Bill Savage, who is expected to become the Executive Director, issued this statement.

“The Taxpayer groups that I have been involved in have always served as an information source for voters in the spring elections.  Since these elections are not subject to party primaries candidates are basically on an honor system regarding their conservative philosophies.  That hasn’t always worked out so well for the taxpayers.  We will be monitoring the voting records of our elected county and local officials.  We will be informing the public on where they stand on the issues.  Groups like this keep officials honest. It makes for good government.”

More information on both groups can be found at MFTax.org or WaukeshaTaxpayers.wordpress.com