Waukesha County Taxpayers endorses Chuck Wichgers

Waukesha County Taxpayers Association is endorsing Chuck Wichgers for the 83rd Assembly district which includes Muskego, Waterford, Town of Waukesha, Vernon, Big Bend, East Troy, Hales Corners, and Milwaukee.

Chuck Wichgers is a true fiscal conservative and the only candidate willing to sign the “Grover Norquist Taxpayer Protection Pledge.” Chuck has public and private experience as a Waukesha County Supervisor and Muskego City Alderman and currently as small business owner. During his public service, worked tirelessly to fight against crony capitalism which he fought and won for local taxpayers. If elected, Chuck has proved himself a taxpayer champion, and will not go along to get along.

Chuck is a fierce 30 year pro-life advocate and believes in the right to bear arms with the highest available NRA rating of A(Q).

Taxpayers should vote “Chuck” next Tuesday.


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